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Sony Music of Japan incite Crossfaith “Madness”

Sep 18 2014

Sony Music of Japan cock-blocks Crossfaith’s countdown to “Madness” by throwing a region lock on Youtube.

Crossfaith even took down a Facebook post that included ways to circumnavigate regional web proxy. With Sony’s money-hungry hands on Crossfaith’s international appeal, it’s the international fans that are experiencing extreme madness.

With all that being said, “Madness” is the band’s most unstreamable mainstream track yet veering into heavy Hard Rock territory. Kenta Koie shows off how much he’s improved as a singer with only momentary screams. Ass-kicking Tatsuya Amano continues to explode on drums. “Madness” might be less metal and more rock, but it’s still a great song.

Buy the limited edition of MADNESS out 10.8.2014 at CDJapan and get a region 2 DVD for your trouble.

FUME over the message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” above in you live outside Japan.

Click to visit Crossfaith’s Japanese website here.

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