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rourourourous – “All Things Must Pass” MV

Mar 04 2014

Rourourourous can quit their day job and devote their time to music. “All Things Must Pass” is a jazzy chill beaut.

Lead singer Momi’s whispery vocals lets us in on this wonderful secret. The drumbeat is tight hiphoppish,  and the piano adds elegance. You even get violin on this. “All Things Must Pass” sounds like something you want part of your beer-sipping nightlife. Enjoy this.

The band’s first mini album Shikisokuzekuu drops on 4.2.2014 at CDJapan.

Roll your “r”s at rourourourous official website.



  • Wow

    4 years ago (#)

    Romaji is rou but the katakana is “ru”. So I originally thought it was Rowrowrowrows but it’s Rurururus. Weird name either way.

  • Darren

    4 years ago (#)

    Great song. Hard to find except here and maybe soundcloud.

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