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ZAZEN BOYS – “I Don’t Wanna Be With You” (onionboy remix)

Jan 15 2014

“I Don’t Wanna Be With You” is a fantastic track. The original is basically complete: it’s got a commanding bass, gorgeous synths, a heartbeat rhythm, handclaps galore, and chipmunk vocals. Really, this isn’t a song that needs remixing.

Yet onionboy went ahead anyway and gives us a good reworking of ZAZEN BOYS’ “I Don’t Wanna Be With You”. For his rendition of the 2007 song, the Osaka-based DJ and producer lays down the 808s and sprays the thing with rapid-fire hi-hats. Gliding synth lines are added alongside the original’s and a slappy bass solo is even turned into the song’s drop.

Also, congratulations to onionboy for being the first artist to get something with elements of trap featured here. We’re no longer a trap-free zone I guess. Oh well.

Listen and download onionboy’s “I Don’t Wanna Be With You” remix on Soundcloud.

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