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She, in the haze – “Claudia”

Jan 07 2014

2014. Week one. The first seven days have already had some pretty exciting surprises and the roll we’re on continues with the release of two tracks by She, in the haze: “Claudia” and “Freezing”. Okay, they’re actually not brand new but they’re finally available at full-length and for download.

“Claudia” kicks off with a loud guitar riff but that electronic forcefulness wanes during verse and chourus. Singer yu-ki’s vocals have a quiet huskiness and there’s a sadness that comes with his flat delivery. The song has (synth) strings and they’re actually one of the strengths along with the vocals. Surely that’s saying a lot as I’m a man who doesn’t particularly like strings in my pop or rock. And these aren’t the in-your-face strings of feigned emotion that are slapped atop any slow JPop song. These take on a progression of their own, harmonizing with the guitar and filling out the bridge.

The second track, “Freezing” is even more introspective and is accented with crystal keys and whispers following an ominous buildup. The song’s final third picks up when the distortion and synth come in. The synth almost seems hand-picked out of a trance song but it’s kept in the background.

These are just two tracks but in both the trio deliver strong tracks with strong melodies. They do so with instruments and sounds that could be abused in the wrong hands but the band pull out some creative implementations that work within their compositions.

Keep an eye on She, in the haze. Get more info on the band’s official site. They have an even newer song, “Stars”, up. It’s also pretty great but it’s just a preview for now.

On a side note, artist names with commas make for sentences that read awkward.

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