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Seiho – “3D Printer”

Jan 26 2014

It snowed GOLD in Sapporo on the night of January 25th. Osaka’s Seiho and Metome along with Tokyo’s Broken Haze came up to the city and performed back to back to back for an event called VANDCAMP. They were the guests of honor but even if the event only included the local openers Qrion, Ninja Drinks Wine, DJ Yen, Water Field, and PARKGOLF, and organizer Buddhahouse, it would be worth raving about. The party went on and on and Seiho was on stage past 4 am. I could continue on myself and I might but my personal Twitter account (@whyshaywhy) has more for now.

One big deal among the many big deals was Seiho’s new track, “3D Printer” which was uploaded to his Soundcloud the same day as the event. It’s a shower of sparkly eighth notes amid fragmented sound effects and vocal samples. Even those creaky door and bottom-of-the-well water drop samples take over at one point. It becomes incredibly danceable when handclaps give us an occasional even rhythm. “3D Printer” sounds so deep and it impresses the most when subtle melodic flourishes bubble their way up from under the synth punches.

“3D Printer” is included on Seiho’s Sweep House EP. The release features “Gold” in addition to three other tracks and is sold exclusively at Seiho’s shows. Fortunately, an mp3 of “3D Printer” is available for free download! Get. It.

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  • Tan±Kyu

    4 years ago (#)

    been following this site for years years as my taste in music slowly changed but i still love Japanese music & so much respect for posting Seiho’s new track. peace & love

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