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Nohtenkigengo – “Club”

Jan 20 2014

Nohtenkigengo’s “Club” makes me wish it was summer and I could camp under the stars. After a barbeque and drinks with friends, there would be a campfire and music. “Club” would come on and we’d dig our chukkas into the the earthen floor and just dance.

The Kanagawa-based solo artist’s “Club” sounds like it was created for a party far away from the lights and concrete blocks of the city. It feels organic even when the four-to-the-floor rhythm is pounding away at equal intervals. It’s folk, it’s dance, and the vocals and combined instrumentation even sound a bit Ogre You Asshole.

File this under “songs for open-air parties” or “songs to drive down dusty roads to.”

“Club” is off of Nohtenkigengo’s upcoming EP V.H.S.. Name your price on Bandcamp or listen to more on his Soundcloud. MBM has a nice write-up on last year’s ooo EP.

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