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Madeon vs Supercell – DJ Fumizono Taro mashup

Jan 09 2014

DJ Fumizono Taro (文園太郎) gives us a mashup of Ellie Goulding’s Madeon-produced “Stay Awake” and Supercell’s “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” (君の知らない物語). Ellie Goulding’s vocals from the young French star’s production are replaced by Yanagi Nagi’s (やなぎなぎ) from the 2009 Supercell hit debut and it’s seamless. It’s a potent blend of two tracks that are very different sonically but strikingly similar structurally and melodically. Thumbs up, in space!

And of course it’s a free download.

DJ Fumizono Taro also goes by the humorous moniker Sheena Mikan and is the trackmaker for hip-hop unit Public Musume. He also supplied a remix to the recently featured wearer track “Tokyo no Yoru ga Mawaridasu”. That track’s intro is a quick showcase of his sampling skills. Check out his official Soundcloud for more.

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