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drops – “Image no Mukou”

Jan 06 2014

A hand-painted boy looks out over a Dubrovnik-esque vista and beyond. To the sea, to the sky, to the stars. That album art got my attention.

“Image no Mukou” (イメージの向こう, Beyond the Image) captures that crafted beauty with its poetic lyrics about the scenery and wonders over the horizon.

The arrangement of drops’ artful piece is pretty standard and vocalist Yamamura Daichi waits until the chorus to deliver the melodic hook that sells the song (Literally it made me say “SOLD!” and then *click*). Just a few notes make that difference in the chorus.

drops’ music has a cinematic aim: to combine the words, the melody, and instruments to “turn the reels of a projector.”

“Image no Mukou” is available on Bandcamp for 100 yen or more for those feeling generous. drop in (sorry but I saved it for last!) to the band’s official site.

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