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Neaux’s 15 Favs of 2013

Dec 05 2013

It’s that time of year again.. this year kind of flew by eh? Good thing I’ve kept a running tab of my favorites of the past year and picked 15 gems that are worth a second look. Hopefully you’ll agree. And heck you might even like them.

This is going to be one long post, so get ready to get your scroll on. We are going backwards from 15 to 1 highlighting some videos that were gripping through their stories, their technical achievements and of course their ability to rock.

#15 Sakanaction- “Music” MV

You gotta go all the way back to January of 2013 when Sakanaction dropped this musical treat. It’s hard not to have a Sakanaction song on the list, but more importantly was the video itself. It’s mirror image split screen sofa jumper will keep you glued to your keyboard. Read the original post HERE.

#14 Tricot- “Oyasumi” MV

Tricot released an amazing album The in October of this year, but it’s their second single “Oyasumi” released in August that hits a home run in my heart. The baseball imagery literally runs from day to night around the bases. Take off your helmet, because the guitar predictability will please your earholes. Read more HERE.

#13 Gesu no Kiwami Otome.- “Dress wo Nuge” MV

The lead singer of Gesu no Kiwami Otome. rattles off lyrics just about as fast as a machine gun. And the band rat-a-tats bullets through your skull with the infectous single “Dress wo Nuge.” The video is an exciting bit of excess and proof of mo’ money mo’ problems. Read on

#12 and #11 SiM- “Same Sky” and “Rosso & Dry” MVs

I’ve been rocking out to SiM’s latest album Pandora for the last couple of weeks, but damn I hate that “Same Sky” wasn’t on the latest album. It’s on the EVILS single that was released in April. You should hunt it down. “Same Sky” and “Rosso & Dry” are two unexpected love songs from SiM that will just blow your pants off. Truly some of the best music of the year. Watch both videos together for the full experience. Because tonight I’m with you. Original posts HERE and HERE.

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#10 Uhnellys “体温” MV

Do you want drama? Uhnellys somber video for “体温” will have your heart skip a beat while you are nodding your head to the hip hop beat. It’s emotional rap with a poignant video. Dig in more here.

#9 a flood of circle- “I’m Free” MV

If there is ever a song you want to crank after a break up, THIS IS IT. Probably one of my favorite tracks of 2013, “I’M FREE”‘s mumble to a scream vocals are pure rock joy. The video is also just a close-up of the singer and that’s really all you need to enjoy this baby. Simple and sweet. Relive it HERE.

#8 SOUR- “Life is Music” MV

The one word I can say I learned this year beside “Selfie” was Phenakistoscope. It’s the spinning discs that make the cool animations in this video and it looks like it took some time to set up. Probably the most creative and nerdy video of 2013. Read the original piece HERE.

#7 Bloodthirsty Butchers- “Distortion” MV

The Bloodthirsty Butchers live on through the animation of cardboard in the magical “Distortion” video. Where else will you see crowd surfing dolphins and a guitar solo on the top of a white wild horse running free? Read the original sparkplugged post.

#6 the telephones- “Don’t Stop the Move. Keep on Dancing!!” MV

I grew up on early 80’s MTV, and the Telephones homage to 80’s synth is a toe tapper. Add the awe-inspiring hairdos and retro attire and I’m happy happy happy. This is my kind of dance music. Spin me right round baby.


#5 Charisma.com- “HATE” MV

Japanese girl hip hop groups are a trend that will continue to grow because they are just f’n cool. Charisma.com adds a little more bite to the rap scene with hate spitting rhymes and truly KILLER actions. “HATE” is a wild video that will shock you and slay you. Keep your enemies close…

#4 Crossfaith- “Eclipse” MV

Police are trying to shut down the club and dancing late night in Japan. That is wack. Crossfaith’s “Eclipse” is a rockin’ response that will make you dance whether you want to or not, it’s that damn good. The synth is groovy and Kenta is rappy on this number. This video shows how a party should be done. Crossfaith’s Apocalyze is an album that must be heard. If you want to hear the future of metal, Crossfaith is it. Keep it going and read more here.

#3 Uminote- “Words Kill People (Cotodama the Killer)” MV

The ducktape killer is on the loose silencing his victims and holy hell is it disturbing. Uminote’s “Words Kill People” is another example of an effective and enthralling story. It’s also sad. Read the original post here.

#2 Radwimps- “Last Virgin” MV

RADWIMPS tell the story of a relationship through the rotation of the camera lens and it’s just beautiful. It’s all circle imagery which is symbolic to the story and just the idea of plotting out each shot must have taken a great amount of thought. Simply amazing. Read more here.

#1 Wienners- “Soten Delight” MV

Pray to the rock gods that we get more videos like this from Wienners. “Soten Delight” is an epic video of Gods and the trials of men. The setting is the beach and rocky shores, and it’s just exploding in creativity and fun. The song is upbeat gold. It’s just the coolest video of the year. That’s number one in my book. Read my first thoughts here.

Please share your own favorites in the comments! 2013 was a blast! We’d love to hear what you all have been jamming out to.


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