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Fuyusuru Neko- “好奇の眼” MV

Dec 26 2013

The ladies of Fuyusuru Neko will blow you away with their power rocker “好奇の眼.”

The dual vocals, the alternating bass and guitar notes coming out of both ears, the chugging fast tempo, all of it is exciting. Gives me chills it so damn good.

Look out for the album Fukashin Ryoki purring its way into your heart on 1.22.2014. Purrre-up at CDJapan.

Read more about the band’s first mini-album at Fuyusuru Neko’s official website.



  • Donnie

    4 years ago (#)


  • Shay

    4 years ago (#)

    Rock! Out! I think I love this as well.

  • Dave

    4 years ago (#)

    OMG I want more! Is there any other website/blog that have more news like here? so far this website is the best

  • Shay

    4 years ago (#)

    Hi Dave. Thank you so much! Check out the LINKS page for a short list of great sites. We often link to other sites’ posts on on Twitter account as well. Rock on!

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