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indigo la End- “名もなきハッピーエンド” MV

Nov 02 2013

I think you should sit down for this..

Never the words you want to hear if you are expecting a happy ending. Indigo la End are here to ruin your day with “名もなきハッピーエンド.”

And yet it sounds all so good with the fluttery guitars and the lead singer’s shouty words.

So have a spot of tea and look out for indigo la End’s 幸せな街路樹.ep.  Trust me, finding this online is kind of hard.

Read more about it at indigo la End’s official website.


  • Donnie

    4 years ago (#)

    My favorite Japanese band!
    Good stuff.

  • Shay

    4 years ago (#)

    Agree with Donnie. This is good!

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