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Backdrop Cinderella- “池袋のマニア化を防がNIGHT” MV

Sep 14 2013

Backdrop Cinderella are a bunch of maniacs.

Their single “池袋のマニア化を防がNIGHT” is simply cray-cray. Don’t mind the fact the lead singer is wearing a dress, it’s the song with it’s manic switching from ska to thrash and the band’s yelling singing that will throw you for a loop.

The lead singer yells, the girl in the group gets a few lyrics as well and the rest of the band yells out back up vocals.

Imagine a punk version of System of a Down and you get Backdrop Cinderella. You better call the policeman.

Keep Backdrop Cinderella’s “Sugoi! Kimi!” album on your radar. 10.9.2013 at CDJapan.

Backdrop Cinderella’s official website has the goods.

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