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Henlee asks “Are You Drunk?” in new MV

Jul 03 2013

Are you Drunk?!! Henlee wants to know, because if not, we are buying more rounds.

That way you’d fully enjoy Henlee’s new video for “Are You Drunk?”

The Youtube description flat out labelled Henlee as EAZYCORE. What the hell is that? Eazycore might be defined as poppy punk hardcore that you can dance your butt off to. “Are You Drunk?” pleases with its loud guitars and autotune screams.

Frankenstein’s monster masks mugg away in the video and a disco ball spins. What else to do but Dance Pit Mother Fucker!! That’s also the name of Henlee’s new album out at CDJapan on 7/17/2013.

Visit Henlee’s official website for more!

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