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A Crowd of Rebellion- “Satellitear” MV

May 15 2013

It’s hard to make playing air piano look cool. But it’s kinda sexy when a girl does it.

Enjoy the weird video “Satellitear” by A Crowd of Rebellion. While it might be confusing, I’m more confused by the awesome dual vocals of the band.

There are definitely two vocalists in the group, and I’m 88% sure one of those singers is a girl. Not the screamy metalcore dude, but the pretty chorus sounds very much like a female protagonist. Yet the cameraman makes sure there is not enough light to make out her face.  Mysterious!

Get a better look of the group at their official website. Check out the dudette on the left with the hoodie. Gotta be a chick. Right?

The album Zygomycota explodes on 6.5.2013. Preup at CDJapan.


  • XKaitouR

    5 years ago (#)

    Nope. That’s definitely a dude.

  • 愛憎

    5 years ago (#)


  • Alex

    5 years ago (#)

    A chick can’t be without a boobs!))

  • taik0

    4 years ago (#)

    His name is Ryosuke, so has to be a guy.

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