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Tokyokarankoron- “いっせーの、せ!” MV

Jan 18 2013

Tokyokaronkoron could be in your house and you wouldn’t even know it. Pay close attention if you want to see the band peform “いっせーの、せ!”

Not to say their stealth skills are up to snuff, but if you aren’t truly expecting Tokyokaronkoron to jamming in your furniture, you just might not see the guy with the lampshade on his head.

This is a super cute video and the band sounds better than ever. Maybe its that Avex Money.  Yet since Avex is promoting Tokyokaronkoron, the video kind of gets interrrupted with a promo by the band. Look out for their new album We are Tokyokaronkoron out 2.13.2013 at CDJapan.

Check out the band’s special page for We Are Tokyokaronkoron.

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