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Mix Market’s New Future Album review

Jan 28 2013

Mix Market return with a rockin’ new mini album for 2013 which soars off of 2012’s “Super Sonic” single. And no, this ain’t J.J. Fad.

The album New Future glides on female lead singer Yutty’s strong vocals, yet still stands solid with the backing of an excellent rock band capable of balancing dance pop vibes and rocking punk licks through some crisp production. Mix Market slaps a smile across every track on New Future.

The guitars help drive the album forward in tracks like “Wake Me Up” and “One Night Fever,” and shine like a sunny day on “for my self, for your self.”

Even the autotune”d track “VOICE” has a charm that just jumps off the stage. .

With 6 tracks total, New Future is a more than filling pop snack to tide you over before their next full length. Look for Mix Market’s album released on 1.24.2013. Visit Mix Market’s official website for more info!



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