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Champagne- “Namida ga Koboresou” PV

Jan 22 2013

The trick to maintaining a girlish figure is basically just eating one bite of your meal. At least that’s what Champagne shows in this dinnertime delight video for “Namida ga Koboresou.”

The single is a slower tempo chugger that relies on the lead singer’s falsettos to make the girls swoon. I might have swooned too. I admit it.

Champagne’s single for starrrrrr/Namida ga Koboresou was released on 1.23.2013 and worth squeezing a lemon in your eye at CDJapan.

Make a toast at Champagne’s official website.


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  • rav

    5 years ago (#)

    2nd time they did that lemon thing at the end. funny.

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