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BasketBallStreetBoyz (B.B.S.B.)- “Departures” MV

Jan 30 2013

BasketBallStreetBoyz are a punk cover band.. who ambitiously cover J-Dance group Globe’s single “Departures.”

With the help of autotune vocaloid effects, fuck you guitars, Buddha masks and a Kiss trucker hat, B.B.S.B. pull it off rather nicely. These guys have this FACT vibe going on with the masks and the punk rock, and cover songs are always worth a listen, but lets hope B.B.S.B. venture out with their own material soon.

You can find this single on the PUNK COVERS WINTER PARTY ANTHEM album over at Indiesmusic.com. It was released on 11.21.2012.

Shoot some hoops over at Basketballstreetboyz official website.

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