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Scott & Rivers- “Homely Girl” Lyric Video

Dec 19 2012

Scott Murphy and Rivers Cuomo love them some Homely Girls.

Yes, Scott Murphy of Allister and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer have formed a duo appropriately called Scott & Rivers. Check the very simple lyric video for “Homely Girl” and yes, most of the lyrics are in Japanese. But the chorus is will stick knock you to the ground in English.

Look for this single in Japan by Mid January 2013 at iTunes.jp.

Find out more about this unique collaboration at Scott & Rivers official website and like these dudes on Facebook.


  • Anthony

    5 years ago (#)

    Always knew that Japanese rockers loved Weezer, now I know that Weezer (at least Rivers) loves them back. Although I don’t know if I love this…

  • Donnie

    4 years ago (#)

    Oh wow, this is very interesting!
    I like it. Sounds fun.

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