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Neaux’s Picks for 2012 #7-5

Dec 12 2012

SEVEN! SIX! FIVE! Beep, boop, hit the reverse button and lose all control to some intense video editing in the following amazing videos.

#7 De De Mouse- “floats & falls”

Spend a good part of your day with De De Mouse and his epic editor’s dream splice 9 minute video for “floats & falls.” Yes, the mouse squeaks return from electronic erratic mastermind De De Mouse. He mixes meeps amd moops to synthy beeps and boops like nobody’s biz. And while the video emphasizes the sands of time passing, it’s totally worth it.

The video is special to me because believe it or not, I used to run around my house with a video camera as a teenager making myself appear and disappear on screen and lip synching to 90’s grunge bands before youtube was even invented. Thank god those VHS tapes haven’t resurfaced. But I digress. De De Mouse’s “floats & falls” reminds me of those days where I just did cool things with a camera. And it looks like it took forever and a day to edit this baby.

#6 Mop of Head- “Uncontrol”

Check it out! Mop of Head hit the #6 spot with their hip hop high energy techno blast “Uncontrol.” I can only imagine the fun of a Mop of Head concert, but the video for “Uncontrol” gives us a peak of what a live band with electronic keyboards would be like. INSANE. The use of stop motion photography with such an intense track is just brilliant.

#5 BULLBONES-”Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii”

Backward videos are awesome. What is even more awesome is that Bullbones’ video for “Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii” is shot in only a handful of takes. Also watch the lead singer’s lip synching, it matches up almost perfectly. That’s some amazing work there. Add to the fact that this single sounds like an 80’s Poison or Motley Crue rock ballad, and Bullbones tug my heart strings around the number 5 position.

Keep coming back to Sparkplugged, where I’ll highlight #4 through #2 very soon.


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