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Neaux’s Picks for 2012 #4-2

Dec 13 2012

FOUR! THREE! TWO! Follow the notes, the flashing lights and all the people falling from the sky for this next set of videos that make up the top tier of my top ten countdown. This group is definitely a little more eclectic.

#4 Chocolat & Akito- “扉”

Imagine if Captain & Tennille made pop alt rock and you get the super infectious and extremely harmonious single “扉.” Chocolat & Akito cover their entire house with circle pogs of notes in a very cool video. Makes me wish I could actually read music sheets.  But what I like the most is that these folk look like they are older, distinguished, settled (like my age late 30’s) and they are still creating stellar music.

#3 Nahavand- “Why Always You Are”

Nahavand needs to be asking “Why are you always turning the lights on and off” in the flickery stop motion video for “Why Always You Are.” But it’s not reall stop motion, it’s a mixture of stop motion, fast editing of regularly shot footage and magical lights. Blink and you’ll miss the words in the windows and basketball court floor.  So yes the video is badass, but so is the song which is a hip hop drumbeat rap over alt guitars.

#2 Avengers in Sci-Fi-”Yang 2”

People are falling from the sky and filling an empty intersection in the amazing computer generated video for “Yang 2.” And it’s all walks of life. Acrobats, ninjas, businessmen and women and school kids and of course zebras with laser eyes.  The band plays in the middle of this crowd in a hurky jerky manner all the same. What is beyond cool is how the camera zooms in and out so smoothly while all of this is going on with nary an out of focus shot.

As for the song, it’s an out of this world mix of synth and dancey guitars for all the boys and girls. The vocals sound almost computer effected as well, but it’s so heavenly. This is so close to the number 1 spot.

So what kept it from reaching the top spot? Find out when we get to #1 and some extra goodies very very soon.


  • Shay

    5 years ago (#)

    Nice to see cool ideas and craftsmanship earning their places. The Nahavand PV surely took ages to make.

    Hooray for Avengers at #2! Their album was one of my favorite things this year *hint*

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    4 years ago (#)

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