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Neaux’s Picks for 2012 #10-8

Dec 11 2012

TEN! NINE! EIGHT! ROCK ON. Pump your fists, bang your heads and phaze in and out of our physical plane to the our first three videos on the 2012 top 10 countdown.
You’ll laugh and cry and you’ll probably need a neckbrace. Let’s do this thang!

#10 Holidays of Seventeen- “Boys & Girlz”

Holidays of Seventeen released like a bizillion videos for their album HO17. But their standout video was for the bass bumping Journey homage video “Boyz & Girlz.”

Playing air guitar, air piano, air drums, air harmonica (just kidding) is totally 80’s awesome dude. All the Boyz and Girlz are doing it. I’ve been doing it ever since this video was released and laughing my ass off in the process.

#9 Crossfaith- “Monolith”

BOOM! Crossfaith exploded this year with their single “Monolith,” and their Zion EP is pretty much available all over the globe now. Between their mind shattering vocals, ear piercing synth and headbangingbangerathon beats, Crossfaith is your go to band for pure white knuckle mayhem.

The Monolith video highlights the bands intensity (like the drummer’s 360 degree whipped head.) It also includes animals like elephants and owls and has this cool black swallowing effect that is superbad. LOVE IT.


Popping in and out of view and back into our hearts is the extremely plucky instrumental “BOND” by LITE. The effects are simple, but works perfectly with the song. It’s the breaky pauses in the song that get faster and faster and the addition of the drums and the heavier chords that bring “BOND” to a complete peak before immediately stopping.

So where’s the rest of the countdown?? Stay tuned folks!


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