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Neaux’s Picks for 2012 #1 + Runners up

Dec 14 2012

AND THE DRUMMER GETS WICKED for a surprising turn at #1. Plus, I decide to bring some attention to some other favorites that never showed up on Sparkplugged.net.

#1 Apple Saitou and the Happy Hercules Boys- “I Love You”

We love you too Apple Saitou and your perverse Hercules Boys friends. You created an 8 minute video with a story. It was kind of a horror story… but it was sexy, disturbing and scary like punk rock ought to be. “I Love You” is an absolute scream and represents punk rock at its best. Whimsical, raucous, emotional and crazy fun. It will also make you think twice about sleeping over night in your car.  You deserve the #1 spot.

And now for my runner-ups!

RUNNER UP #1- m-flo “All I Want is You” and “She’s So (Outta Control)”

If you asked me what was my favorite album of 2012 on either side of the planet, it would be m-flo’s SQUARE ONE. Simply put, it’s a solid block of music that caters to anyone and everyone that likes to dance. M-flo are dj masters, and they blended electronica, club, dance, hip hop, rock and more into hit after hit.  What was the most surprising was how each song was completely different from the previous one and yet each song sounded like a char ttopper. “All I Want is You” is an example of a song that could have easily made Seascrest’s American Top 40. The video is also a split screen beaut that follows two super sexy 20-somethings suffering from miss-connection-itis. Awesome song that makes me feel like an astronaut.

On the other side of the coin is m-flo’s attention grabbing video for “She’s So (Outta Control).” The chorus will make you want to “uh Uh uh Uh UH-UH” or “zoom a zoom zoom and a boom boom” while you  get smacked across the ass with fan-service galore. Topless cheerleaders for the win?  This was m-flo’s naughty hook line and sinker  and reeled me into what was surprisingly the best album of 2012.

RUNNERS UP #2- BiS- “Idol”

This year of 2012 we had idols jumping into the rock and metal genres. Babymetal went for adorable headbanging, while BiS (Brand New Idol Society) took their girl group image into interesting and new territory. Earlier in the year they released “Idol,” a dark metal track with goth imagery. There was your garbled screams mixed with extremely uplifting vocals. After following Bis for the past year and a half, their rise to Avex label status is truly legitimate. Their songs are well produced, the girls have quite an extreme edge, and they don’t mind going for the jugular with shocking and disturbing imagery.

In October BiS released a full-fledged rock album IDOL is DEAD which contains the “Idol” single. Put this on your Christmas wishlist. Find it at CDJapan.

Get to know the bare facts about BiS in their special edit video for “ASH” below:

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