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Neaux Most Rockin’ and Awesome Vids 2012

Dec 11 2012

We didn’t forget. I didn’t forget. You want validation over the bands you love, right? Let’s just start by saying, 2012 was an interesting year in music for Japan.

Rock went MAIN mainstream. We had rock commercials for sparkly water through Gerock, idols headbanging, more acoustic guitars than you can shake a stick at, and I’ll be honest, a ton of music that just sounded the same.

So what are the true stand outs? Let’s count down the greatest and most creative videos  for 2012 and you might be surprised what makes the list.  If you remember my rules from last year, this was my criteria:

1) It has to rock.

2) The video must be Awesome in terms of humor, artistic stuff like creativity and video direction and camera work.

After going through my list of 40, yes 40 favorites, I knocked it into a short list of 10 with a couple runner ups. Put on your tennis shoes as we run through them.

Neaux’s picks 2012 #10-8

Neaux’s picks 2012 #7-5

Neaux’s picks 2012 #4-2

Neaux’s #1 + Runners up

Stay tuned for the rest!

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