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a flood of circle- “理由なき反抗(THE REBEL AGE)” MV short

Dec 02 2012

A flood of circle get to bang the whole cheerleader squad (head bang that is..) in their rather upbeat rocker “理由なき反抗(THE REBEL AGE).”

Yes, F with these cheerleaders and you’ll get the one finger wave, and a flood of circle will continue to play on in the spotlight whether you cheer along or not. Not going to lie, a flood of circle is just so damn cool, it doesn’t matter how cheezy this sing-a-long song is with it’s sha-la-la-la-las. The whole song gives the finger to what you expect, and I love it. Let’s hope the full MV comes out soon.

Crack some skulls at a flood of circle’s official website or like them on facebook.

Fuck Forever is the name of their latest mini out 12.5.2012. Preup at CDJapan.

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