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SpecialThanks Campanula E.P. review

Nov 29 2012

Give thanks to SpecialThanks for releasing a new E.P. entitled Campanula for the end of 2012. It’s a quick 5 track record that clocks in under 15 minutes long, but it includes their current super cute single “I My Me Mine” which by itself, might justify the purchase.

The album starts with your typical upbeat fast pop punk track “For.”Unfortunately, it’s in such a rush, it’s over it a blink. So we get to SpecialThanks’ single “I My Me Mine” which is your typical pop chugger. Still,  Misaki’s charm shines through on vocals and the drummer creates pivotal bunnyhop moments that SpecialThanks fans will enjoy.

“Were Humming” though seems to be the standout track on the E.P. It’s a lot more rock than pop punk, and Misaki’s vocals are crisp and at times pulls out this Juliana Hatfield vibe.  If anything, seek out this single.

“OH! You Can Meet Him LOVESUNDAY” is the oddball track, because of it’s funkier style and jumbled pace, but it gives SpecialThanks a needed depth in their sound. Expect it to be an underrated gem.

Then the E.P. comes to its end on “Wonderful Way” which  sounds a bit unplugged and unfinished. It’s also the shortest song on the release, but it is cute.

So what can you say about a 5-track release? If you are a fan of SpecialThanks, buying Campanula is a no brainer. It’s out 12.5.2012 at CDJapan for less than $17.

If you are a bit more hesitant, grab “I My Me Mine” and “Were Humming” from your digital retailer and listen to the other tracks and make that call.

Overall, the Campanula E.P. is a lot of fun.

Visit SpecialThanks Official website and follow them on twitter.

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