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イギリス人 – “I’m not soulful singer, I’m heartful singer” MV

Nov 19 2012

イギリス人  are so bright they gotta wear shades in their no-shit sherlock single “I’m not soulful singer, I’m heartful singer.”

You got that right dudes. The lead singer of イギリス人  (Igirisu-jin or Igirisu-zin?) has a lot of heart, and doesn’t sound soulful at all. Yet there is a lot to love here. It’s a slowed down punk track, this some cool “woohoohoo” back vocals and all the guys have some killer punk rock hair. The dude with the purple mohawk is my idol.  Also, unless my eyes deceive me, I think one of the band mates is playing an electric banjo?

Look out for Igirisujin’s single We Are Not Soulful Band We Are Heartful Band out 11.28.2012 at CDJapan.

Hit up イギリス人’s official website for more.

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