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The Twenties- “Fire” MV

Oct 20 2012

Remember your twenties when you tried to grow out your hair, and then you realized you needed to get a job. Well, that plan can still work if you want to be a rock star. Check out the killer length of the lead singer’s hair of The Twenties. This dude has successfully grown his hair down his back.

Not so sure bangs were the best idea, since I thought he was a girl, but androgyny is underrated. The Twenties do BANG out a killer track in “Fire.” And by Killer, I mean they kind of sound exactly like the Killers. Not a bad thing though, because “Fire” rocks more than any Killers song I’ve ever heard.

The Twenties are saying Hello Goodbye on 11.14.2012. Score it at Yesasia.

Long live the 2-0 at the Twenties official website.

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  • Alice

    5 years ago (#)

    I love your sitttteeeee!!!!:D:D:D thank you so much for it!:D

    Awesome song, anyone know where to find lyrics????

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