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Mio- “Atama no Warui Musume no Hanashi” MV

Sep 21 2012

If you don’t have a lighter to raise, you can always just dye your hair flaming red.

Or you could hold up your cellphones and sway along to the blazing fire-headed Mio and her acoustic rock song “Atama no Warui Musume no Hanashi.”  The song is a soulful one.. no one knows what it’s like to be the bad guy girl behind blue eyes red hair. But Mio, tries her best to let you know.

Mio’s album will raise a few eyebrows, due to the naked toplessness of the coverart. Check it out HERE at CDJapan. Atama no Warui Musume no Hanashi was released on 9.5.2012.

Mio sings on Facebook, and her twitter.

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