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Kuso Iinkai- “難攻不落ガール” PV

Sep 12 2012

Round 1. FIGHT!

It’s Inanimate Object Fighter time! Watch as the worst martial artist ever takes on a light pole, a plastic toy lion and a jar of strawberry jam in this hilarious video for Kuso Iinkai’s “難攻不落ガール.”

Aside from the video game homage, Kuso Iinkai have a rocking single playing in the background. It’s part autotune, and all guitars. Lots of cool mini-pauses in the song too to break up the structure. It also adds tension to the fight battles!

Kuso Iinkai’s new album Boku wa Mada Hitsuyou Juubun Jouken wo Mitashite inai in out 9.19.2012. Win the battle at Yesasia.

Kuso Iinkai’s official website is an animated wonderland.

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