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Heavenstamp -“Dreaming about you” PV

Jul 03 2012

Heavenstamp has found the fountain of youth. It’s regenerative powers are amazing!

It heals scarring, zombie like wrinkles, bruises and even reverses the aging process. And you may ask yourself, how much would something like this cost? Well Heavenstamp is selling, believe it or not, actually selling an entire ALBUM of singles including the spry heavenly “Dreaming about you” for about $36 bucks at CDJapan. The new self-titled album is sure to please.

$36 too much you say? Pshaw. You get hit singles like “Stand By You,” “Decadance,” “Hype,” and “Waterfall.” You also get a total of 14 tracks of crisp vocals from the one and only Sally Cinammon!

Order today and you get access to the band’s official website and facebook page!

Order now!

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