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May 14 2012

When your life turns upside down, it’s hard to escape the monster of insanity.

At least that’s what I get after watching this escape from bitch mountain video for LACCO TOWER’s “模細工.”  It’s a great animated piece that uses mosaic like imagery to show you that anybody can go crazy and it’s hard to get away. The music builds up in speed, escalating to jittery guitars and eventually a full blown head banging freak out.

ShinKaRon is being released on 5.16.2012. Grab it at Yesasia. Countdown with Lacco Tower over at at their official website.


  • Shay

    6 years ago (#)

    Pretty nice =) I was going to post the PV for “Sanagi” (蛹) which isn’t animated. IT’S HERE.

  • Shay

    6 years ago (#)

    PS: Hooray! Japanese finally now shows up in comments (and commentator names). So type in kanji and kana all you want.やっと日本語を使える!★

  • eleanor

    6 years ago (#)

    So happy to see you posting it here! They’re really one of my favorite bands.
    By the way the countdown on their homepage is not for the release of the new album, but for a live that they are gonna have in July to celebrate the ten years of the band.

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