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Conception Complex- “E.N.D- Eternal Never Dies” PV

Apr 12 2012

If Justin Beiber taught me one thing, it’s to never say “never.”

Yet Conception Complex say “Never” a whole bunch of times in this hard rock banger “E.N.D- Eternal Never Dies.” It’s straight up hard rock licks and a straight up performance video. Hey, do you know what happens when you wear all black on a poorly lit stage? I don’t either. It’s hard to see your rockin’ moves, yo!

If anything, the weirdly named “E.N.D- Eternal Never Dies” is a great aggression getter-outer. Look for Conception Complex’s new album Triple Dealer out through Yesasia on 4.25.2012.

Also if you think conception is complex, you’re probably doing it wrong. Grow a Conception Complex after you like the band on Facebook.


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