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Avengers in Sci-Fi- “Yang 2” PV

Apr 13 2012

Beware the woman in the yellow business suit.

Of all the people falling into and flying out of frame in the extremely awesome Avengers in Sci-Fi video for “Yang 2,” you better watch out for the lady in yellow. It’s a very computer generated video but works nicely with Avengers in Sci-Fi’s “boys and girls” shouting and curious spacey knob tweaking. There is no point in going into further detail. Just watch it and enjoy!

Disc 4 the Seasons is out 4.25.2012 and you can preorder from Yesasia.

Gimme an A over at Avengers in Sci-Fi’s official website.

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  • Shay

    6 years ago (#)

    Art this is. Love it and can’t wait for their new release!

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