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T.C Speaker- “Break to Remake” PV

Feb 06 2012

How good are the acoustics up on the rooftops anyway?

Just asking since so many J-bands take to the skies whenever they want to rock their little hearts out. So is the case with T.C Speaker and their spunky pop punk “Break to Remake” single.

It’s a standard chugger with typical slower tempo break-down and ending on a nifty full group sing-a-long, and yet it’s done very very well. Thumbs up, dudes.

Well this track is actually on T.C Speaker’s album Good-by My World released waay back in June of 2011, but it’s new SP, so enjoy! Grab it at Yesasia too.

Try not to get kicked in the face when you visit T.C Speaker’s official website.

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