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J-rock Artists Reconstruct a Classic with Nevermind Tribute Album

Feb 22 2012

J-rock Artists take a stab at reconstructing one of the most heralded albums of all time, Nirvana’s 1991 Nevermind.

Just a shy over 20 years have past, and Kurt Cobain would have been 45 this week. In honor of his birthday week, news was released that a group of J-bands have put together a mighty tribute album.

Above we get a quick listen at 9 mm Parabellum Bullet’s version of “Territorial Pissings.” The full track listing follows:

01     Smells Like Teen Spirit / ONE OK ROCK

02     In Bloom / LOW IQ 01

03     Come As You Are / BACK DROP BOMB

04     Breed / 10-FEET

05     Lithium / MAN WITH A MISSION

06     Polly / 大橋トリオ

07     Territorial Pissings / 9mm Parabellum Bullet

08     Drain You / →Pia-no-jaC←

09     Lounge Act / Four Minutes Til Midnight

10     Stay Away / THE NOVEMBERS

11     On A Plain / 後日発表

12     Something In The Way / SiM

UPDATE: Check out 10-Feet’s best version of Nirvana in “Breed.”

Sounds eerily good, except for some of the lyrics sound a little off. Of course, understanding Cobain’s lyrics are pretty damn hard to do.

There should be something for everyone here. Preorder the Nevermind Tribute album out 4.4.2012 from CDJapan. Like the Nevermind Tribute page on Facebook.


  • KJI

    6 years ago (#)

    Wow, 9mm covering Nirvana. Works out I guess, but it was unexpected…

  • Shay

    6 years ago (#)

    Quite a nice line-up! Wish the preview clip featured more samples ><

  • jenny (penniless zen)

    6 years ago (#)

    ahh, this is fucking awesome. thank you!

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