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Winnie- “Forget me Not” PV

Jan 30 2012

What makes up Winnie’s sound? Is it metal, disco, punk or cafe rock?

It’s just really great rock n’ roll. Don’t forget it.

The band plays with their identity crisis in their lovely and humorous PV for “Forget me Not.” What an amazing song. And if this soars Winnie from alternative rock darlings to stadium rock, I’m all for it.

Look for Winnie’s new CD single + DVD tour combo Forget Me Not out 2.8.2012 at CDJapan.

See dots at Winnie’s official website.


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  • k'2

    6 years ago (#)

    nice vid….they are cosplaying several Rock Stars such as zakk wylde and Sid Vicious (R.I.P)…lol even look at the door name plates ..it has hints of that :D…thanks for feature.. this nice band ..they have a warm sounding tunes

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