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Avengers in sci-fi- “Sonic Fireworks” PV

Dec 09 2011

Space is the final electric boogaloo for Avengers in Sci-Fi’s latest electronic jam “Sonic Fireworks.” Get up and dance and create some sparks.

Sonic Fireworks single is a great mix of electronica, rock and autotune? Trust me. It works. It’s out 12.14.2011. Light it up at Yesasia.

Pop and lock over to Avengers in Sci-Fi’s official website.


  • LaganMugen

    6 years ago (#)

    Had to listen to it a few times, at first a bit startled with the autotune voice, but in the end liked the song overall so I’ll let it slip. Sure to buy this as soon as it is in stores =)

  • k'2

    6 years ago (#)

    i am addict to this song …:) well this the 1st time i comment here …but gotta say
    much thanks to u neaux for this site …which became a source of knowledge for me …an opening to know more bands and to keep with my old known bands in a neat way :)…

    well , ganbare

  • Shen

    6 years ago (#)

    Nice to see them stretching their borders a bit but not really a fan of the autotune.

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