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クリープハイプ – “HE IS MINE” Live PV

Dec 31 2011

This time, Japanese indie rock band CreepHyp decides to show off their skills and ability to rock out live. Also demonstrated is their ability to get their audience pumped up, excited, and screaming “let’s have sex!”

Catchy bassline: check. Catchy guitar melodies: check. Unusual piercing vocals: check. Catchy lyrics: check.  “He is Mine” truly has everything I love in rock music.

Oddly enough this song isn’t from their newest mini-album “Machi Kutabirete Asa ga Kuru” released this July, but from their prior album, “Odoriba Kara Ai wo Komete,” released in 2010.  Although, being featured on the indie compilation 36.5 degrees, and being one of their (in my opinion) best tracks, I can see how this warranted a video. In fact, I’m surprised it didn’t get one sooner.

To find out more about CreepHyp, you can visit their official website at http://www.creephyp.com or swing by their official myspace.


  • Shay

    6 years ago (#)

    Good stuff =P HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  • KJI

    6 years ago (#)

    Haha, indeed.

  • Psycho_Dad

    6 years ago (#)


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