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Sekai No Owari- “Star Light Parade” PV

Nov 04 2011

Welcome to the Star Light Parade where Sekai No Owari try out their poppiest My Chemical Romance-like ballad for the sickest of kids (hence the medical bracelets). While the comparisons to Black Parade are unavoidable, Sekai No Owari spin a wonderful song on the ones and twos.

So wave your hands from side to side and enjoy the vocaloid performance. Sekai No Owari’s single Star Light Parade is scheduled for 11.23.2011. Preorder from CDJapan.

Clown around over at Sekai No Owari’s official website.


  • KG

    6 years ago (#)

    I’m freaking loving this song! Thanks for posting :).

  • JC

    6 years ago (#)

    The fact that they had no drummer has always disturbed me more than the DJ with the clown mask. At least this time they have a dancier beat. (I’ve only really listened to the older-ish stuff.)

  • KJI

    6 years ago (#)

    Eh, I can never really stand this band. Between the clown mask, autotune, and lack of drummer. I like playing ????? as a joke, though.

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