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sakanaction- “Endless” PV

Sep 28 2011

If you had any question what was happening to sakanaction, it’s good to know that the band is still intact inside some computer nugget rocking away, even if the output from the computers make it sound more electronic and dancey.

In the PV, right at the end, the band takes off their cycloptic heads yet the video fades… but there is hope that the band might be returning to their roots? Who knows, but their latest album DocumentaLy sounds like one heck of a ride.

Find it at CDJapan as it was released 9.28.2011. I was able to catch part of the Ustream of their album launch last week and the songs I heard were ALL good.

Maybe one day Sakanaction will revamp their ugly official website.


  • Polaris

    6 years ago (#)

    Are you kidding ? Their website is awesome !

  • Polaris

    6 years ago (#)

    “returning to their roots” ? I think they kinda make the same kind of awesome music since GO TO THE FUTURE….

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