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VELTPUNCH – “The sweetest”

Jul 22 2011

Lifting you up isn’t something you’d expect from a band that specializes in screams and wails. But, alt/emo rock band VELTPUNCH does just that with the video for “The sweetest”. With their seventh album “His strange fighting pose” coming out next week, the band lays their sauce on thick with an absolute resolve and a sweeping chorus by the two vocalists of VELTPUNCH. Bassist Aiko Nakajima takes a rare center stage performance with this song, really showing off her talents.

To find out more about “His strange fighting pose” and VELTPUNCH, stop by their official website and MySpace.


  • neaux

    6 years ago (#)

    I literally just saw this at indiesmusic.com and the youtube clip already has “as featured on sparkplugged.net” on its youtube page. Awesome work Shen.

  • LaganMugen

    6 years ago (#)

    Veltpunch has definetly gone from hard rock music to more mainstream old-fashioned punk over the last 2 years. This sounds like SUM41 meets Hoobastank. For me this is a stage I have allready passed and am not really interested in going back. My taste has changed over time so to say.

  • jakcadden

    6 years ago (#)

    Ohh that drummer!

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