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To overflow evidence- 車窓の景色は揺れる PV

Jul 18 2011

Talk about a slow build. Wait for it… wait for it. It’s been a little bit over a minute now..

Crash crash. Crash crash.. It’s about damn time. Is this At the Drive In? Well no, it’s To overflow evidence. Another rambling band that’s too cool for school and screams a lot. See, I can be as cynical as these guys look, but honestly I actually dig this. It’s my kind of pretty music.

Give these fools a chance and check out their new album Mata Sora wo Mirutame ni Hakushi ni Egaku Hibi no Koto from CDJapan out 8.3.2011.

Catch the train over at their official website, and myspace.


  • rebbans

    6 years ago (#)

    Total envy worship and not even trying to hide it. Shameful.

  • Mhm

    6 years ago (#)

    They really do sound like a bad Envy rip-off.

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