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Jun 21 2011

In a rare daily double-feature from yours truly, I find I’m again trumped on the video I’m posting. But, even though I probably won’t put it as eloquently as MBM, I’ll give it a shot. I too haven’t heard much from FRONTIER BACKYARD before deciding to check out this video. And I have to say, when I first heard it, my first thought was “Wait, is this DOPING PANDA?” The vocals and musical style are an uncanny match. Then, on my third try, I found myself hitting the replay button over and over again. As MBM puts it, there’s nothing new here, but it’s quality power pop.

Feel free to check out FRONTIER BACKYARD’s official website and MySpace to prep yourself for the upcoming album “sunset,sunrise”.


  • Lopsman

    7 years ago (#)

    They really do sound like Doping Panda! I love Doping Panda and this song is really fun to listen to!

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