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DNA Baks- Ichimatsu Moyou PV

Jun 23 2011

DNA Baks will restore your faith in Ska…      Wait! Come back.

There is a lot to love in DNA Baks single “Ichimatsu Moyou.”

The way it starts off all jazzy with the smokey set before the horns kick in.

With a seven member band, the sound of the horns is full and rich.

Emi’s vocals are adult and sultry, not juvenile.

The guitarist gets a chance to shine as well. It’s not all brass.

“Ichimatsu Moyou” is just a good ska song. I guess this PV was released back in March, but I’ve just found it via Hiro Garage’s youtube page. I’m hoping to hear more. Their first E.P. contains two tracks, finally released on 6.22.2011. CDJapan‘s got it.

You can scan more data on DNA Baks over at their official website.

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