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Lighter190E- 太陽の匂いがしている PV

Jan 04 2011

Lighter190E hits the beach with apathetic wonder and big honkin’ boots in their PV for “太陽の匂いがしている”

Seemingly typical indie rock with lazy guitars and coastal atmosphere gets a kick in the rear with the lead singer’s higher pitched vocals. Add a guitar solo at the 1:50 mark, and the song shifts gears along with the scenery. Jump with the drum beat through the woods, the highway and the waves before returning to the beach.

I’ve heard this songs multiple times so far in this write-up, and it just plain works. It’s noisy and ear-piercing at times, but it’s the type of eargasm most indie rock fans get wet for. Dip your boots in the water with Lighter190E and grab their mini-album Michishio no Wasure Mono from Yesasia.com on 1.14.2011.

Flicker on with Lighter190E’s official website and myspace.

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