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Skaff-Links Ohransai PV

Jun 21 2010

Been lacking some ska music in your life?

“Ohransai” is the last track on Skaff-Link’s latest album Hybrid SKA (5/12/2010 release) and really shows off how wonderful a 9-piece band can jazz up a standard ska track. We are talking utilizing keyboard, guitars, drums and horns. Buy it now from yesasia.com!

A great instrumental track that is light enough to enjoy without the weight of growly vocals of many ska acts today and yet still fun enough to dance around to.. give “Ohransai” a listen! Also watch the men dressed to the 9’s in slick pinstripe suits and the ladies in sharp black cocktail dresses with white socks. Style! (something I lack)

SKAFF-LINKS have been shaking it upward of 8 years. Hear more at their official myspace and official website.


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  • yonasu

    8 years ago (#)

    This song is amazing! I gave the album a listen but I don’t really like their vocals.

    Bought this song on the iTunes Store instead^^

  • Shay

    8 years ago (#)

    That’s awesome, yonasu =) Nothing wrong with getting exactly what you know you’ll like ^^

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