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sleepy.ab – “メロウ”

Nov 16 2009

sleepy.ab’s latest PV, “メロウ” (mellow) falls gracefully from the sky, ahead of paratroop, the quartet’s new album. The song is quite smooth and refined and the lone, ringing guitar part makes me melt. It definitely follows along the path of the band’s more recent stuff and remains consistent in its beauty — though I do love their older material. paratroop is being released on Pony Canyon and ‘drops’ November 25th. I’ll be there to pick it up.

Visit sleepy.ab’s official site for more details.

Notice: At exactly three minutes, the PV cuts out. You’ve been warned, so if you’re humming along, like I was, you won’t be caught off guard soloing. Hokkaido bands represent!


  • Ting.

    8 years ago (#)

    this is really nice :]

  • Ting.

    8 years ago (#)

    argh. is there anyway of hearing it full TT 3 TT

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