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Nov 20 2009

OLEDICKFOGGY…they’re actually even more interesting than the incredible, mind-blowingly awesome name implies. The lead singer also plays the mandolin alongside an accordion, banjo, upright bass, electric guitar, and drums. It’s a colorful combination that makes for music that’s quite…good, astonishing.

“神秘” is off of OLEDICKFOGGY’s (I’m looking for excuses to type this name as often as possible) latest album, Rusticが止められない, which came out October 10th.

For more, check out the OLEDICKFOGGY official site and MySpace page.


  • Andrew

    8 years ago (#)

    Hey, any band with accordion in it is OK in my book.

  • Shay

    8 years ago (#)

    Word. =)

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