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Riddim Saunter – “Sweet & Still”

Oct 25 2009

To celebrate the recent release of Riddim Saunter’s latest album, Days Lead, here’s “Sweet & Still”. The band’s signature sound and Hiroto Homma’s flute are accompanied by “The Riddim Saunter Orchestra” and it’s all indeed quite sweet and chill. Also, got to love vocalist Keishi Tanaka’s “FUCK YEAH” t-shirt, as is said over at J-Rock Explosion.

Riddim Saunter is featured in the latest edition of the amazing magazine, Indies Issue (must-click link). The cover story includes exclusive photos, interviews, profiles, detailed discography, and a track-by-track breakdown of Days Lead. Members of bands like YOUR SONG IS GOOD, back drop bomb, The Bawdies, 80kidz, and asphalt frustration also leave comments.

In related news, Riddim Saunter and The Bawdies appear in a Tower Records “NO MUSIC, “NO LIFE” advertisement. Makes me wonder what a collaboration between the two bands would sound like.



For more info on Riddim Saunter and Days Lead, check out the band’s official site and MySpace page.


  • Shen

    8 years ago (#)

    I honestly can’t wait till I can get my hands on this album. “Waltz of the Twins” has been running through my head a lot lately.

  • Shen

    8 years ago (#)

    For all those interested, this album can be found on iTunes. MUST GET.

  • Shay

    8 years ago (#)

    That’s great news! There are no excuses to not be listening to it now. MUST GET x2

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